In manufacturing and industrial plants, large quantities of water are used in everyday life to produce and cool products and equipment. It is also used for cleaning and storing specific products to maintain expected levels of health and safety. In the industrial sector, the mishandling of water is often the cause of the large amounts unnecessarily washed away each year. A study of water consumption in the industry showed that the production sector has the highest consumption; 90% of water is used in this sector.

Water scarcity is often a problem for the industry. Because large amounts of water are needed all the time, some areas experience water shortages, or water companies charging high surcharges on bills for mass water use.

The benefits of Water treatment

 As water is a crucial part of daily operations in the industry, it is naturally one of the main areas for improvement, especially as awareness of the risk of high water wastage spreads. Installing water treatment equipment in your industrial facility can help reduce the environmental damage and costs caused by wastewater and prevent problems such as water shortages.

Installing ceramic filtration water recycling systems allows you to treat wastewater by separating dirt and chemicals from the water. This water is then returned to the method for purification and reuse.

Reverse osmosis systems are of great use to the industrial sector. These sectors use a system of semi-permeable membranes to purify the water and make it usable again. This limits the number of water businesses have to draw from the central water system, which helps combat water shortages, contamination, and financial expenses for water.


How Can OajShakti Help?

OajShakti are water treatment experts specialising in bringing solutions that reduce water wastage. Working alongside you, we can find a tailored resolution to your water problems that will make your facility more efficient in the long term. If you are working with an existing water treatment system, we can also carry out a performance review and, where appropriate recommend upgrades or modernisations that could result in even greater long-term savings for you.

Additionally, we can also offer:

  • Training for you and if you introduce new employees who need to understand the water treatment process.
  • Process maintenance to manage any issues as soon as they arise and to prevent them from becoming a larger problem.
  • Service agreements to allow for ongoing management of the water treatment facility and to give you back the time for other tasks.
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