Food and Beverage

As a highly regulated industry, water consumption in the food and beverage industry is naturally high. It is an essential ingredient in food and beverages. It is also an essential part of maintaining food hygiene standards and preventing the spread of harmful bacteria that could be dangerous to employees and consumers. 

Certain foods, such as meat and poultry, contain pathogens that must be adequately removed through cleaning and cooking. During food preparation, these pathogens can spread to surfaces and kitchen equipment. This is where water becomes essential in sterilizing kitchen areas to prevent these bacteria from spreading to other places where they could cause harm. The Food Standards Agency sets strict guidelines for food handling to ensure that safety is of the highest standard at all times. As a result, water consumption is increased to maintain standards at all times. 

According to Food Manufacturer, the industry currently uses 430 million liters of water per year to clean, cook, and preserve food and drink.

How can the installation of Water Treatment solutions help? 

Food Manufacturer predicts that businesses could save over 2000% on their water bills each year through proper management and installation of water recycling and treatment equipment. Savings of this magnitude could be reinvested in training employees, hiring more employees, and growing the business.

Installing a water treatment system is part of finding ways to reduce water costs by using methods that clean and treat harmful pathogens and then return it to the business for reuse, rather than taking water from the central system and flushing old water away.

In the long run, the company could save significant money, and there would be a social responsibility to follow better water practices. All of this could be achieved without sacrificing the food hygiene standards that many companies in this sector rely on for their reputation and success.

How Can OajShakti Help You?

OajShakti are water treatment experts. We can install and maintain facilities across multiple sectors including the food and beverage industry, ensuring that they are meeting their expectations in water consumptions and recycling. We bring over 60 years of knowledge to our projects and can offer additional training to our customers to help them to understand the complex world of water treatment.

For companies already using water treatment as part of their business, we can carry out performance survey’s and advise on the potential for upgrades and modernisations where appropriate.

In the food and beverage sector, we can work with facilities including:

  • Restaurants
  • Breweries
  • Food packaging
  • Food processing

And many more!

Would you like to learn more? Visit our contact page to speak to us and a water treatment expert will be in touch!