The automotive industry is the one with the highest water consumption rates compared to many other sectors. It is used as a vital element of the entire process of manufacturing, maintaining, and cleaning a vehicle and the components that make it up. Automotive World wrote that the production of an average car requires over 39,000 gallons of water. However, this can vary depending on whether or not tires are included in the consideration. Considering that an average of 70 million cars is produced worldwide each year, that’s much water used in just one sector.

Water consumption is highest during the production phases of manufacturing a vehicle. The wastewater produced during the manufacturing of a car can contain metals, oils and greases, and harmful chemicals from leftover paint. These products can not only cause long-term damage to the environment but also can be hazardous if they enter the central water system. Water is extensively used in the painting process. Automotive World writes that in addition to a large amount of water used to paint a car, “processing equipment must also be regularly cleaned with water” to prevent paint contamination.

Elsewhere in the automotive industry, vast amounts of water are used in car washing. Assuming a car wash cleans 100 cars a day, it uses over 2.5 million gallons of water each year. All of this water, which includes soaps, detergents, and the dirt, salt, and grime that comes with cleaning a car, is flushed down the drain, where it can contaminate local water sources.

How can the installation of Water Treatment solutions help? 

With the growing concern over water usage in the automotive industry, many companies are looking for a long-term, sustainable solution to help them reduce the amount of water they waste. Installing a water treatment solution in your automotive plan can have a drastic impact on the environmental footprint created by your water usage and reduce costs for the company in the long run.

Water can be treated to remove hazardous chemicals and then recycled back into the plant, so less water is flushed down the drain. The water can be reused once it is clean. Also, the waste products that have been removed from it can be disposed of rather than flushed away. This can result in a great benefit to businesses that want to instill more responsible water use.


How Can OajShakti Help You?

Here at OajShakti, we have experience working with clients throughout the automotive industry to drive the efficiency of their water practices as part of car manufacturing processes. We have worked with clients from high-profile backgrounds to install ultraviolet units that removed bacteria from the water as part of the painting process. This meant that water could be reused without the high levels of bacteria which then created a smoother finish on the cars when the paint was applied.

Working in close consultation with you, we can provide a water treatment solution that suits your needs and offer guidance and training to ensure a smooth operation at all times, including training new employees to understand the requirements of your water treatment facility.

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