Agriculture and Dairy sector

The dairy and agricultural sector is one of the most regulated sectors in terms of its hygiene standards. It is due to the need for strict disease control and the number of products used as food, such as milk or eggs. Water is used as part of the growth and management of crops, the cleaning and sterilization of farm equipment, and the refrigeration and storage of fresh produce.

In the UK, almost 41 billion liters of water are needed to produce a year’s worth of milk. This is because it is essential to keep cattle healthy to have large quantities of good quality milk suitable for human consumption. Some of this massive volume of water is used to keep dairy barns clean and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that could have disastrous consequences for a farm if a herd were affected.

The sheer amount of water that is wasted in the sector offers a vast scope for potential improvement. In the UK alone, “over 60 percent of producers” use water inefficiently. According to a study, 70% of the water used by the world’s population goes to the agricultural sector. As a result, there is a consensus in the industry that more needs to be done to address the amount of wastewater that is lost each year, as it is predicted that water scarcity will be a significant problem for the entire planet in the future.

Agriculture and Dairy sector

How can the installation of Water Treatment solutions help? 

With increasing concerns about preventing disease, the cost of installing a water treatment system could far outweigh the damage to a farm if harmful bacteria were to infect livestock. Reverse osmosis systems are part of a water treatment solution that can be invaluable to a dairy and agricultural business. They reduce the presence of harmful bacteria and the overall expenditure required to produce clean water for the farm over time. Water treatment can remove the presence of sludge or harmful bacteria from the water, reducing the risk of disease in livestock and increasing the quality of products. In addition, the water can be recycled back into the farm, saving money on water use expenses over time.

How Can OajShakti Help You?

OajShakti can consult with you to asses the best water treatment solution fit for your needs and work alongside you to ensure that once it’s installed, you and your staff are fully trained to understand it all. If you are already using a water treatment solution, we can carry out performance surveys to monitor your systems and offer advice on upgrades or modernisations that could bring further savings to your business.

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