Like all water-intensive industries, the aerospace industry is moving towards water efficiency in the face of increasing global water scarcity. The aerospace industry relies on water for various applications, including manufacturing processes, component washing, production line cooling, and robotic waterjet cutting.

The quality of water needed in an industry also covers a broad spectrum, from high purity deionized water at one end of the spectrum to treated irrigation-grade wastewater at the other. The downstream aerospace industry is also using new technologies to purify its wastewater discharges.

As one of the fastest developing industries, today’s aerospace sector consumes huge amounts of water daily as it serves commercial, defense, and space exploration projects. Water consumption in the aerospace sector is caused by the manufacturing, maintenance, and cleaning of aircraft and the operation of onboard facilities such as sinks and toilets.

According to Lufthansa, cleaning a commercial aircraft just four times a year uses up to 13,000 liters of water, which is flushed down the drain after use, taking all the cleaning agents and contaminants with it.

The chemicals in the wastewater from this area can have disastrous consequences for the entire world. There are cases around the globe where contaminated water from aerospace has caused long-term damage. For example, in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, an underground water basin was rendered unusable by contamination from aerospace chemicals. The cleanup, in this case, cost over $21 million

Due to the nature of the aerospace industry, a highly accurate system is required for all matters surrounding production and cleanup. This applies to the components that make up an aircraft as well as the finished project itself. To achieve the high standards required, a high volume of water is needed throughout the industry. The result is much wastewater being washed away, as seen in San Fernando, contributing to environmental problems and higher costs for businesses.

How can water treatment help?

Installing water treatment systems in aerospace facilities provides a cleaner process that is both environmentally conscious and cost-effective.

A water treatment system can remove the dirt and chemicals produced during the manufacturing or cleaning of aerospace projects. Once the chemicals are separated, they can be appropriately disposed of instead of being flushed down the drain. The water can undergo a purification process such as reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration to remove any bacteria and make it fit for reuse. After purification, the water can be returned to the system to be used again.

The benefits of water purification include reducing the company’s carbon footprint and reduced operational and maintenance requirements as the water is purified on-site. This offers companies the opportunity to market themselves as more environmentally conscious and reduce costs over time.


How Can We Help You?

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