Jabalpur, India

Membracon Clean Water Solutions UK and Hindutva Abhiyan have taken up a joint initiative to provide solutions to drinking water problems in remote interior areas across India.

Our Aim is to provide clean water to remote interior regions within India and rid the society of regressive social divisions based on caste, class, race, ethnicity, region, language, political factionalism and economic disparity.

A detailed Plan was finalised to initiate Maharashtra Mahasadhna and empower the most disadvantaged Tribal Communities and regions in Maharashtra by:

  • Providing fresh drinking water
  • Eradicating malnutrition and other waterborne diseases
  • Protect the forests and ecology

Hindutva Abhiyan has the proven socio-economic model to facilitate creating holistic empowerment initiatives.

Hindutva Abhiyan is more than relevant. It is significant: 

  • In the wider geo-political scheme of things
  • In terms of developing skilled workforce, increasing productivity, exploring entrepreneurial alternatives, attracting investments for sustainable economic growth.
  • Creating social harmony
  •  Strengthening society from within

Hindutva Abhiyan has gained trust, devotion and faith of millions from all backgrounds – from political leaders, bureaucrats, engineers, entrepreneurs, farmers, tribals etc.

This is crucial in building entrepreneurial ventures for Holistic Empowerment that benefits everyone involved.

Narmadeshwari is a brand dedicated to the Holistic Empowerment of the millions of tribal people who reside in the plains and forests surrounding the mighty river Narmada

Through this endeavour we will

  • Provide employment opportunities to the economically backward sections of society, particularly in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Vidarbha
  • Provide economically sustainable solutions and garner an ecology on entrepreneurship in this region